Thursday, 10 December 2015

5 Signs You Should Leave Your Job for a Better One

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Alright, in general most of us are working with salaried jobs either in the public sector or private sector right? And I'm sure everyone of us have experienced situations where you think it's time to move to another job. Here, I've compiled 5 of the most classic signs where you should leave your current job and move on to a better one:

1. Waking Up Every Morning Feels So Heavy

This is the first sign that your current job may not longer be the ideal job for you. You dread the feeling when the alarm rings at 6.30 or 7.00 AM in the morning coz you know that you're going to the office and doing something you're no longer happy doing. If this is what's happening to you, then probably a career change is what you need.

2. You No Longer Get Along With Your Boss/Colleagues

This second reason might be obvious to some of us. In my own case, I've experienced this whereby the job I'm doing is actually interesting and exciting but the boss I report to is such a pain in the backside, coz he/she is always looking for your mistakes or shortcomings and seldom recognises your contributions to the team. There's even an article that says one of the main reasons why good employees leave an organisation is because of the managers in charge of the staff.

3. Your Skills Are Not Being Tapped to the Fullest

Yeah, some of us have our peak and off-peak cycles right? People in finance or audit would know this. Off-peak cycles are good because they give us time to rest for a short period and "recharge our batteries" before we go back to the next peak cycle. However, if you feel that your break is a little too long, you better start worrying. Why do I say this? It's because this may mean that your superior is not tapping your skills to the fullest, or worse he/she may have lost trust in you to deliver a project on time or at the level of quality he/she desires.

This issue can actually be resolved by the staff by being proactive and seek for opportunities to get more challenging assignments, which hopefully can prove to the superior that you can deliver what is expected. Give it perhaps 3 months and calmly ask for feedback from your boss on how you've performed. If the comments are constructive, then let's build on that. However, if the criticism is so negative, then perhaps that resume of yours needs some updating very soon.

4. Depression Sets In The Moment You Leave Your Home

If every morning you feel depressed, lost or sad and you know it's because you need to make a trip to that dreaded place called "your office", then perhaps you need to leave your job VERY SOON. Depression if left unchecked, could lead to more negative consequences such as feelings of hopelessness or worse suicidal tendencies.

Get support from your parents, partner or friends and talk to them about this. Emotions bottled up is dangerous to everyone, although we now live in a world that requires us to put on a brave face everyday. I guess that's why Stan Lee penned the comic "The Incredible Hulk" (one of my favourite Marvel characters by the way), it is to show us that we shouldn't keep our emotions hidden for too long, because it may bring a negative effect to everyone around us.

5. Your Physical Health Is Suffering

Stress - everyone experiences it. Minimal amounts of stress is actually GOOD for us because it will give us the drive to produce excellent results in whatever we do, be it work, competing in a marathon or answering your exam. However, excessive amounts of stress would lead and manifest itself into a deterioration of our physical health.

My own personal experience on this is I remember when I was an auditor in one of the Big 4 firms. At the time, our deadline was so close, that we were working up till 3 AM in the morning for about 2 weeks straight. However, we were still required to come in to work at about 9.00 AM at the latest. This resulted in me getting so little sleep every night, until my work papers entered my dreams. I remember one time where I drove my car like a zombie, where my eyes weren't really focused on the road but in the end I reached my office - I guess that was because the route to my office was already hardwired in my brain that I managed to reached my destination.

So there you have it guys, the 5 signs that you need to leave your job for a better one. Before I go, I'd like to leave you with the following picture for us to ponder upon. Have a productive day ahead people!!

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